Want to get together and socialize with fellow Mac folk?

At the MacGathering™ people enjoyed our MacMixer™

At Macworld Expo folks love our MacMingle™

So here in LA, we’re thinking of starting up the MacMixer at the end of each MacDayLA.

Simply... after our seminars end (some time between 5pm and 6), we invite you to remain with us — or come join us — just to enjoy some good Mac-using company.

In May we took advantage of Carla’s, the great restaurant at CBS and had live music and dinner. In July we took advantage of Busby’s has a few comfortable lounge areas and some pool tables where a game of pool is free, plus a full bar and menu.

Why mingle?

Because you may be a film-maker or video producer seeking great music for your next film or show and you may meet musicians here.

Because you may be a musician and people may need your work.

Because you may be a graphic artist and someone there may be seeking an artist.

Because you may be seeking a programmer or tech person and find one here.

And so on.

We’re not sure where we’ll go with this yet but we’d love to hear from you to know you're interested in joining us.
Please send Deborah your thoughts and your ideas if you have any.


This page was last updated 9/23/08.